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Catalonia is my country.  Situated in the South of Europe, in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula it covers 32.000 SqKms. It has the same population as Switzerland, 7,5 million inhabitants and more than other members of the European Union, (Denmark 5.5, Finland 5.37, Norway 4.9 and Ireland 4.5.)

At the end of the first millennium with the help of Carlomagno in driving out the Muslins invaders, the Franks converted the Catalan counties, the pre-Catalonia, into an independent territory. In the 13th century the first European Parliament, the Catalan Courts, was constituted.

Confederated with the Crown of Aragon (who some years later joined Castille), it maintained its Institutions until 1714 when it lost them with their surrender in the War of the Spanish Succession. Some time before Catalonia has been split, losing the county of Roussillon and part of the County of Cerdanya to the French Crown.

Since 1714 Catalonia has been submitted to the neutralizing will of the Spanish Government who have tried with repeated attempts to suppress the language, and annul its history and traditions. Throughout history the Spanish government has suppress for long periods the Catalan Institutions. Also from 1714 Catalonia has been economically and culturally plundered; it has suffered a continual degrading fiscal treatment and many of its historical documents are kept locked away in Salamanca and other Spanish archives.

During the last campaign for voting the Autonomous Catalan Statute, approved by the Catalan and the Spanish Parliaments, boycotting of Catalan products occurred in many Spanish regions. Catalans and Institutions of Catalonia were publicly insulted.  Although the Autonomous Catalan Statute was approved by the Spanish Parliament, the “Partido Popular” comprised of many descendants of Franco supporters, immediately appealed against it. Finally the conservative majority of the Constitutional Court cut down the Catalan Statute leaving Catalonia ruined with new abusive tax plunders.

Catalonia has tried unsuccessfully to point out all these discriminations to the Spanish Government.  The last attempt was a proposal of a  more reasonably balanced Fiscal Contract but the president of the Spanish Government refused to consider it. Last September 11th the Catalan people came out into the streets to claim for independence in one voice: “Catalunya, un nou Estat d’Europa” (Catalonia, a new European State)

The president of Catalonia, an intelligent politician, good communicator and polyglot, has been educated in various universities, he has listen to the people and offered to lead the project in spite of the problems this difficult task could cause him.     Artur Mas possesses one of the essential skills necessary to every leader; an identity based on well-founded values and concepts. He is a clear leader who can guide Catalonia to its aim;  to what the people demand.

However,  destroyers of this leadership have immediately appeared, the would-be leaders, those who work for their own private interest, those who are in the Spanish Government and want to destroy an uncomfortable leadership from inside and outside Catalonia. Spain wants Catalan leaders to be at their service, weak-willed men and women dominated by the State to carry out their possessive and centralize wish. All this to exploit the Catalans to exhaustion.

With this in mind they have started to insult and discredit the leader, accusing him of being Messianic, a visionary or other stupidities when his only aim is to calmly serve the people’s just demands.  We Catalans must protect the champion of a just cause claimed by the people.  We must bring to light the dark intentions of those who wish that the abuse and control over all the people should last, a people with its own culture, language a history who have worked for centuries to obtain what it deserves and who sees how it is rejected, deceived and humiliated day after day.

Catalonia deserves that these humiliations be recognized and definitely should be not only a State of Europe but also a country in the world.

JT. 05-11-2012.

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