The structural financial problems in today’s global world oblige us to shrink the potentiality of many markets worldwide. The sales in many sectors decrease, customers that do not pay their invoices are dramatically increasing, and we all must make much more efforts to do profitable and high-quality sales.

Now it is time for good salesmen. We can recognize them as they are real professional, with high selling skills, and with an attitude that makes them improve everyday. In fact, salesmen that will certainly achieve their goals and budgets. On the contrary, there is another type of salesmen, those who when the economy is in good health, survive and achieve their budgets. However, despite they are good professionals, they cannot perform well in bad periods like nowadays: it is only then when some weaknesses in them arise.

It is also now time for good Commercial Managers and Sales Managers. All must be good salesmen. Although not all good salesmen can also become good Commercial Managers, a Commercial Manager must be a good salesman, understand the difficulties of the moment, take the right decisions and make his or her team lead them.

Next year will be an important year for the professional career of many of those who have sales responsibilities. Their attitude, responsibility, compromise and work capacity, will be decisive for their future. Only if they use all these above mentioned qualities, they will be efficient and succeed. But above all, this will become a success for themselves and also for the company they work for.

It is their great opportunity.

Josep Torrents.


Dedicated to my sales teams and to myself. I will do my utmost to let them accomplish their budgets.